Bruel / Coisir Ceoil

In January 2013 a musical connection was made between Bruel and Coisir Ceoil and a performance was celebrated in Sitges in March at the inaugral Irish Catalan Arts Festival, under the direction of Caroline Wynne, Arts Scope and founder of Creative Connexions

A return visit to Dun Laoghaire was made in May 2013 and a third collaboration was recently made at Catalan Arts Centre, Barcelona

Creative Connexions plans to increase an awareness of quality Irish and Catalan culture through the medium of visual arts, literature and traditional and contemporary performances. By creating partnerships, through creative working links, a more focused awareness of the range and expertise of Irish practitioners will nurture an appreciation of Irish culture on a world platform. By hosting reciprocal events in both Catalonia and Ireland, Creative Connexions will offer work opportunities between both cultures, of a more developmental nature than that of a once-off presentation. Creative Connexions as an annual event will increase an awareness of Ireland’s high calibre artists and performers both at a professional working level and as a key event in Ireland’s cultural tourism cross-cultural calendar.

“Coisir Ceol”: Gerry O’Connor, fiddle, Desi Wilkinson, flute, Martin Quinn, accordion, Roisin Chambers, fiddle and vocals, ,

“Bruel” : Anais Falco, fiddle, Xavier Rota, guitar and vocals, Angel Laguna, pipes.

The project works closely with DIT Irish Traditional Music Ensemble and many more informal sessions and events are in the planning stage . . . Festival Director: Caroline Wynne, Artscope.

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